Adonnalee Milligin and Candice Thomas


Name: Adonnalee Milligin and Candice Thomas
Studio Name: Fitbound Rebounding Health
Area: Fourways, Gauteng

Adonnalee and her colleague (and fellow BOUNTI instructor, Candice) had been looking for a fun exercise class to attend together, and when they discovered Lisa’s rebounding classes in Parkhurst, they were hooked. Adonnalee struggles with knee problems but realised that rebounding is the perfect low-impact cardio exercise that doesn’t aggravate any pre-existing health issues.

After attending just a few rebounding classes, Adonnalee found that her balance and coordination had greatly improved, as well as her general strength and fitness. Plus, she was sleeping better. She believes that every single person should have the chance to experience and enjoy the health and fitness benefits of rebounding, which is why she and Candice opened their Fitbound studio in Fourways, Johannesburg.

“Our group and individual sessions offer a great alternative to joining a gym or going for a run, and they are so much fun, you won’t even feel like you’re exercising, yet you’re burning calories while strengthening and toning all your major muscle groups. Rebounding also compliments other forms of exercise. In a nutshell, this form of exercise is great for everyone, young, old, fit, unfit, those recovering from injury and those looking for something new to add to their exercise routine,” she says.

On Adonnalee’s experience of the BOUNTI instructor course…. “Lisa is a great instructor. Candice and I gained so much knowledge, information and advice from her throughout the course. The course notes also covered everything we needed to know and more.”

Candice says…

“Although I do a lot of functional weight training, I loved the cardio element of rebounding and really enjoyed Lisa’s classes in Parkhurst. Adonnalee and I both decided that we wanted to offer rebounding classes in our area.

Rebounding has helped me in so many ways, but I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my sleeping habits, plus I’m fitter and my balance and coordination has improved. I really think Adonnalee and I are addicted to rebounding – we are miserable if we don’t bounce!

Both Adonnalee and Candice enjoy the health and fitness benefits of rebounding, and by offering classes, they are sharing their passion for exercise

On Candice's experience of the BOUNTI instructor course….
“It was a jam-packed weekend, including informative practical and theory components. Lisa was a great instructor. We gained so much knowledge, information, and advice from her, in the short time. The course notes covered everything we needed to know and more.”

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