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I'm Lisa Raleigh - a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and life coach with a passion for wellness. I've been an exercise specialist for 18 years and I love what I do. Some of my key focus areas are to help people with digestion issues and gut health, stress management, improved strength and fitness, obesity management and just simply demonstrating how easy it can be to live a balanced, healthy life that's sustainable. I don't believe in quick fixes or short cuts, but I do believe in hard work and dedication and it's my life's mission to help people realise their full potential and thrive!

I've been lucky enough to enjoy a fulfilling career which started with me in my little white Corsa, driving around to people's houses as a mobile personal trainer. I then started my own gym franchise, and my big break was when I was asked to be the blue team trainer on SA’s The Biggest Loser. Since then, I was asked to be a co-presenter on Doctor’s Orders as well as the health and wellness consultant on SABC 3’s daily morning show - Expresso, which I enjoyed for a few years.
In 2014, after producing 60 episodes of Keep It Real, my own show which aired on ETV's Sunrise Show, and producing and presenting over 200 episodes for Expresso and Doctor's Orders, I had the chance to self-produce a new show titled ‘101 Exercises to Try Before you Die’ and 101 World Cups for Trace Sports Stars, which aired in over 107 countries in 11 different languages. Tv work is something I love because you can reach millions of people and hopefully change someone's life by giving them little pieces of information every morning or afternoon, which could improve their day, right then and there. 

I'm truly passionate about bringing health to the public, which is why I started THE LIVERIGHT FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that blankets various projects. SUNfit was the first of these, which I hosted for nine years, before the government asked my brand to step on board in the running of 25 Go Jozi Healthy Lifestyle Street Fairs, that took place in April and May, 2015.

And with the aim to reach even more people and help them transform their lives, I launched the well i am challenge. Here, corporates and consumers could enter an online holistic 13-week wellness transformation challenge with all the tools and skills they needed to create life-long change. My team and I also started an online community of resources to keep everyone motivated. well i am’s sixth challenge was completed in November 2016 and we managed to successfully help thousands of people transform their lives and shed many kilos in the process. This project is something I'll always be proud of. 

Besides tevelision and radio, I'm also a keen writer. In 2011, I co-authored a book with Darren Scott, called No Fries On Us, and since then I've enjoyed writing for newspapers and magazines, as well for my own blog which you'll find right here on my website.

As a new mom, I know first-hand how tricky it is to get your body back after pregnancy and birth, which is why I spent over 2 years working on a holistic nutrition and exercise programme which you'll find in my first self-published ebook titled My Body Back. For this ebook, I collaborated with a few other experts in the wellness space, who, like me, are dedicated to helping moms get their bodies back in shape slowly, safely and sustainably. This exciting ebook is due to launch later this year. I've also written my second book, called the Belly Book which will launch in 2020. This book is ideal for men and women and it's all about trageting that stubborn belly fat which can be harmful to your health.

Since becoming a mom, I also discovered the true power of rebounding - an exercise modality I'm truly passionate about as I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. You can read all about my rebounding journey here, as well as the endless benefits this exercise has to offer, here. There's a reason why NASA puts their astronauts on a 12-week rebounding programme soon after returning from space missions.

I would love you to experience the same life-changing benefits of rebounding, which is why I've recently launched my own brand of rebounders, plus a range of at-home rebounding workouts and accessories so that you can enjoy bouncing in the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas if you want! Head on over to my Online Store, where you'll find everything you need to start your wellness journey, including my brand new organic drink mix - Super Scoop. This nutritious drink is packed with over 50 organic fruit and veg extracts to fill in the nutrition gaps for busy families. I can't wait for you to try it!

I also teach rebounding classes in Parkhurst, Johannesburg - as well as online. My online classes are called bounti classes and I have a wide range of options for you to choose from. Read all about them here.

For more information on me or my initiatives, please email me at lisa@lisaraleigh.co.za. And for more ongoing news and behind-the-scenes info, follow me on my official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. I also have plenty of FREE workouts, recipes and videos on a range of exercise and wellness topics on my YouTube channel
Yours in health 

Lisa x


The Lisa Raleigh Group’s backbone consists of a small team of passionate, driven individuals who work together to bring you innovative products and programmes, as well as the best wellness solutions on the market. We’re here to guide and support you in every way to live your best, healthiest life.

Stafford is the Lisa Raleigh Group’s Investor and Strategic Advisor who brings a wealth of experience from the technology industry. His focus involves scaling and maturing emerging businesses and enabling international expansion. He will be the invisible force driving business innovation, systems implementation, and next generation product development and invention.

Email: stafford@mybounti.com

Carmen is our marketing director and sales guru based in Durban. She’s the friendly voice on the other side of the phone, email or SMS line if you enquire about your order on the e-store and she works with Nicole, our social media manager to answer queries via social media. Carmen also runs the bounti online and bounti in-person class booking system, as well as the pre-recorded class system which runs several times a day! As she’s involved with sales, Carmen works closely with all e-store products and helps to come up with exciting specials and new launches.

Email: marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za  

Robyn is our Joburg office manager and client liaison. She answers client queries and assists with the distribution of all e-store products. She’s also responsible for helping to coordinate shoot days, schedule meetings and organise events. Robyn isn’t afraid to get “her hands dirty” and gets stuck in with whatever project comes her way.  

Email: admin@lisaraleigh.co.za

Jo is our community manager who develops new material for all our exciting programmes, products, and bounti instructor training courses. She also ensures that the bounti Academy members are well looked after.

Email: community@lisaraleigh.co.za

Mandy is our talented web developer and designer who works on our e-store and is responsible for our fabulous website. She also assists with all digital design assets for our multimedia projects and platforms.  

Email: mandy@slicedmedia.co.za

Cherise is our project manager and business analyst. She works with Lisa on exciting new projects and is involved in staff communication too. Cherise also happens to love rebounding!

Email: cherisebotha11@gmail.com

Gillian is our resident foodie and house chef. She’s as passionate as Lisa about healthy cooking and baking and loves to come up with recipe ideas and different flavour combinations. Gillian does the shopping, planning, prepping, and cooking of all meals – for clients, shoots and special campaigns, and enjoys whipping up some healthy meals for the family too!

Email: gillian.govender95@gmail.com

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." -Vince Lombardi.