Why Collagen?
Collagen is the largest source of protein in the human body. With age our bodies produce less collagen and therefore supplementation becomes crucial to maintain a more youthful body.

Why “My Beauty Luv” Collagen?
Award-winning “My Beauty Luv” brand of health & beauty supplements is a professional salon-grade product that is only sold through professional beauty & hair salons and through certain online platforms. The brand ethos is simple: to profoundly impact people's health and beauty needs, to challenge the status quo and to change lives. 

They do this through choosing the world's best ingredients and partnering with key ingredient manufacturers across the globe to bring you the very best formulas and products that are 100% results-driven. Their brand is one of the very few salon-grade professional beauty & health supplement brands in the market.

Partnerships with world-leading companies assure customers that what they say is in the product is in fact in the product! Formulas and ingredients are potent - you will not need scoops and scoops. With a premium-grade quality product, you only need a little bit every day to reap the rewards.

8 products

8 products