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Class Schedule (Extended till the end of December 2021)

“Staf and I discussed this extensively, and we realised our position to help. So, we decided to give back to all of you. From today until the end of August 2021 our live bounti online classes are totally and utterly FREE.

Zero charge, absolutely nothing! It’s a gift from us to you whilst we all deal with this third wave.

Every one of my amazing bounti instructors is on board to help you through the next few critical weeks. Sign up through my e-store and join our community. There are over 20 classes a week, for every level of fitness and every age.

We will continue offering in-person classes at our Randburg studio, but these will now be simultaneously streamed free to all of you! Hey, if you did a class per day from now until end of August 2021 you could be saving around R3000!

Right now, the world needs more care, more kindness, and more connection. As we all stay safe and stay home, a secondary pandemic is bubbling under us. Due to these lockdowns and Working From Home (WFH), the consequential risks associated with a lifestyle that has little or no movement is so worrying to me. I am seeing the impact on SO many of our new clients – it’s shocking!

Online meetings all day long, comfort food that is delivered at the click of an app, cancellation of school sports, the understandable fear of gyms, all contribute to a sedentary lifestyle that sends us spiralling into bad habits that contribute to diseases like diabetes, heart health risks, and obesity.

Those are just our physical risks, there is a mental health crisis happening, too! Jobs have been lost, people are grieving the loss of loved ones, and we aren’t present in our normal support structures. People were designed to thrive in communities, not in isolation. We thrive whilst moving, feeding ourselves nutritious food and celebrating health.

When they heard about our plan, my long-standing sponsor, Biogen, jumped on board with prizes. Each week, Biogen will be giving away a Winter Wellness hamper worth R1000! AND we’ll add a R250 voucher for my e-store to that.

So, no more excuses – please don’t let staying safe at home result in negative health impacts – please! We are absolutely here for you, let’s stay safe and bounce back together!” – Lisa

12 products

12 products